The technology of selective personal-biological evolution

I am not sure I would have enough motivation to write a complete book(s) about my discoveries in the field of introspective psychology and personality evolution, about the experience I’ve gained, because it would take a very long time – a year or two of work. While hundreds of people have become familiar with my ideas in the last twenty years, not a single one has begun to apply them seriously. Under these conditions, spending such a significant amount of time on something that is unlikely to be in demand by anyone for decades to come… seems an unacceptable waste of my most precious resource – the time of my life. Theoretically, I could just sell my time and write a book about the introduction to my system of views and practices if someone would want to buy my work:), after all, I sometimes sell my time in personal consultations. But there is no such crazy person, so the book is unlikely to be written in the next decades unless there is some incentive. If I were invited to give a course of lectures at some university, it could also be an incentive for a relatively detailed presentation of my ideas and practices, but this is unlikely to happen. So, all I can post is a very, very brief description.

The Shortest Description of the Technology of Selective Personal Evolution

>> 1 <<

1 – a) People experience destructive (or negative) emotions (DE) almost non-stop: as sharp outbursts/faint splashes and as destructive background (DB), and pretty often, they are not even aware of it. Boredom, irritation, self-pity, resentment, jealousy, discontent, and many others.

It’s very important to emphasize that DE are experienced only because of habit and hardly ever play a minimally useful (mobilizing, reminding, sobering, motivating, etc.) role. 

Such a huge amount of permanent DE tremendously influences one’s psyche in a degenerating, poisoning, and suppressing way. Likewise, it has a devastating influence on our immune system, eventually forming no less deadly analog of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with time.

1 – b) Freedom from DE and their deadly consequences is possible. DE is not an essential part of our psyche, and step by step, we can train and learn to weaken and lessen them. We can also weaken the actual habit of reacting to different situations with DE. There won’t be an immediate result, because the destructive background (DB) is kind of multi-layered, it consists of weak DE that are spread over time and it is always fueled by new splashes of DE. It takes time to eradicate any kind of habit, especially the one which can be compared to drug addiction, since experiencing DE comes with the emission of specific biologically active substances.

1 – c) The training consists of eliminating DE and cultivating pleasant perceptions and states – “evolutionary emotions” – EvE.

Elimination of DE is taking efforts in removing attention from DE and refocusing it on EvE like anticipation, liking, love, a feeling of mystery, a feeling of beauty, aspiration, calling, openness, devotion, creative feelings, and many others. 

Cultivating EvE includes both focusing on spontaneous EvE and repetitive and concentrated generation of EvE using resonating thoughts, images, and desires.

It’s crucial to distinguish eliminating DE from suppressing DE. After elimination, you actually stop feeling these DE and start experiencing distinct EvE. While suppressing, you go on with experiencing DE, lying to yourself that they’re not here anymore. Training in distinguishing your perceptions and training in sincerity help to draw a clearer distinction between elimination and suppression.

Your first efforts of eliminating DE may bring a very small effect since the habit of experiencing them is entrenched.

1 – d) Eliminating DE increases your ability to respond adequately because DE won’t affect your ability to think clearly anymore.

1 – e) Experiencing DE instantly leads to lowering the level of life saturation, creative states, enjoyment of life, and thirst for life itself. 

Experiencing EvE leads to the opposite effect.

1 – f) I have developed and tested practical exercises that enable a gradual solution to the challenge of stopping experiencing DE and cultivation of EvE. There is reason to believe that this work leads to a gradual but steady strengthening of the immune system, thus giving chances for an exceptionally long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

However, this work cannot be successfully carried out in isolation from the other components of my method.

>> 2 <<

2 – a) People hold on to obtuseness and dogmatism almost all the time. Pretty often they are not even aware of the fact they hardly ever think and mostly they only juggle with dogmas, prejudices, and stereotypes.

2 – b) The skill of thinking clearly can be also acquired through systematic training.

It’s necessary to learn to be guided by logic, resting upon your experience and educated guess, taking into consideration the expert’s opinion (but without trusting them blindly). 

It’s necessary to learn not to suppress your reasoning if the results of clear thinking contradict your beliefs and common views.

2 – c) Clear thinking accompanies by specific intellectual enjoyment, creates a solid rational basement in your life and resonates with EvE.

2 – d) Clear thinking develops a flexible mindset that can be renewed and adjusted depending on new arguments and/or new information. This fundamental flexibility lets one rid of the fear to learn new facts/arguments, it fuels creative instincts and search activity.

2 – e) Clear thinking undermines the foundation of the habit of reacting with destructive emotions, but it cannot replace the work of directly ending addiction to DE.

2- f) I have developed and tested practical exercises that enable a gradual solution to the challenge of stopping obtuseness and dogmatism, as well as cultivating intellectual sobriety, common sense, and flawless work of the intellect.

>> 3 <<

3 – a) There are two types of wishes.

Evolutionary wishes (EvW) are those that are accompanied by anticipation. Experiencing and realizing EvW resonates with EvE and increases life saturation/fascination and energy, creative states, and search activity.

Destructive wishes (DW) don’t just lack these features, but also, they are accompanied by splashes of DE (and increasing background DE).

3 – b) DW result from dogmas and prejudices. Along with DE, they have an immense degrading effect on the human psyche.

DW are sustained by mental constructions like “I have to”, “I must”, “it ought to be done,” and similar dogmatic imperatives. Attempts to consider the meaningfulness of these imperatives and to check if they make sense are usually nipped in the bud by fears and DE.

3 – c) EvW result from human’s aspiration for pleasure, development of interests, and striving to create a pleasant internal and external environment, as well as from experiencing EvE. Along with EvE and clear thinking, EvW develop our psyche, increasing the volume of pleasant states.

EvW are sustained by mental constructions like “I want”, “That is interesting”, “Can’t wait”, etc., which do not feature either intimidating-binding imperatives or dogmatic constructions that use words with extremely vague meanings.

3 – d) I have developed and tested practical exercises that enable a gradual solution to the challenge of stopping experiencing DE and cultivation of EvW.

>> 4 <<

4 – a) Destructive physical sensations (DS) and states result from prolonged cultivation of obtuseness, DE, and DW. These are physical sluggishness, background fatigue, inertia, a variety of pain sensations, and many, many more.

There are also evolutionary [physical] sensations (ES) that are driven by and resonate with the cultivation of EvE and EvW. These are physical alertness, vigor, freshness, and a great variety of different kinds of physical delight (including those that appear and last as a background for no apparent reason), and others.

4 – b) The work against DS and for ES cultivation can be done both through a direct effort of getting over DS and generating ES and by the cultivation of EvW, EvE, and clear thinking.

4 – c) Realization of EvW related to physical activity also contributes to ES cultivation. DW realization contributes to DS in the long term.

4 – d) I have developed and tested practical exercises that enable a gradual solution to the challenge of stopping experiencing DS and cultivation of ES.

>> 5 <<

5 – a) The process of working on the four above-mentioned types of perceptions (emotions, thoughts, wishes, sensations) associates with a vital experience of distinguishing perceptions (and states that consist of perceptions). The distinguishing of perceptions itself resonates with EvE and is a significant evolutionary factor.

5 – b) It’s necessary to distinguish between thoughts and certainties. A certainty is a completely rigid system of attitudes towards something that is not actually a thought, but it can be expressed with a thought. A certainty can easily co-exist with thoughts that contradict it (that leads to cognitive dissonance, which may result in stress and frustration, as well as in creative states).

5 – c) Destructive certainties (DC) are fueled by dogmas, obtuseness, and DE; they undermine the ability to experience EvW and the very desire to experience and realize EvW. Also, they lead to a dramatic and fatal decline in life saturation/interest and energy levels.

Evolutionary certainty (EC) is a certainty that leads to diametrically opposite effects.

5 – d) It’s advisable to make your certainties evident and detect them by writing them down as thoughts. You can test their quality by checking whether they increase or decrease your life saturation and energy, if they resonate with EvE or cause DE.

DC should be tackled both by clear thinking and EvE/EvW cultivation that comes with EC cultivation.

5 – e) I have developed and tested practical exercises that enable a gradual solution to the challenge of stopping experiencing DC and cultivation of EC.

>> 6 <<

6 – a) Creation of a full, interesting, energetic life must be done in the background (but not necessarily at the same time) in all areas that are important for the development of the psyche, i.e., “strategic areas” (SA). Creating a strong financial foundation, a nice social environment, getting pleasant impressions through creative activities, and just having fun are, among other SA, apart from the SA I mentioned before. If on neglecting some area, you start feeling growing dissatisfaction with your life and start feeling like life is kind of slipping away through your fingers, this area can be considered strategic.

6 – b) There are no, and there can’t be, any schedules or plans controlling EvW realization. On the contrary, schedules or plans can only be made as a supportive means for EvW realization.

The only criterion of your SA not being developed enough is your feeling of a shortage of impressions in this SA, your feeling of life kind of slipping away from you when you think about this shortage. In this case, it’s advisable to devote some attention to your EvW in this area, to search for destructive factors that hold you back (dogmas, destructive certainties, DE, etc.).

6 – с) Every SA is divided into tactical areas (TA). For example, financial SA can consist of such TA as opening a business, acquiring new skills, getting a profession, etc.

Every TA is divided into smaller particular areas (PA). For instance, “opening a business” TA can consist of the following PA: reading books about marketing, searching for business ideas, searching for a business partner, etc.

>> 7 <<

7 – a) The “basalt” state is defined as a combination of two states experienced simultaneously: a) high saturation/fascination of one’s life and b) feeling energetic.

There are lots of basalt isomorphs, like “olivine” (basalt + physical delight), “chrysolite” (basalt + rapture), “labradorite” (basalt + aspiration), “regolith” (basalt + serenity) and others. 

Basalt (or any of its isomorphs) is not only extremely pleasant but is also a basic state, the initial starting point for psychic and physical evolution, so it’s advisable to make efforts to make this state appear more frequently and be more intense, to become background.

Basalt at first appears spontaneously during cultivation of EvE, EvW, clear thinking (CT), ES and EC, and perceptions distinguishing. As you gain more practice in experiencing it, you can begin to generate it directly, maintain it by focusing on it, cultivate it, and make it a continuously experienced background state. 

7 – b) I have developed and tested practical exercises that make it possible to achieve the experience of basalt and its subsequent cultivation.

>> 8 <<

8 – a) In the process of psychic evolution, with time, one discovers new spheres of perceptions and states they have not had any idea about. This, in turn, leads to an intensification of basalt and overwhelming enrichment and deepening of psychic life, thus forming positive feedback.

8 – b) It’s reasonable to name new pleasant/interesting perceptions with resonating terms, describe them, try to distinguish their characteristics and distinctive features, and observe the way they interact with other perceptions. That activity ties your attention to new perceptions making them more stable and helping them to appear spontaneously. It is called “new perceptions integration” and is an element of the evolution of a human being.

8 – c) Discovery and exploration of new perceptions, integration of them into one’s personality, discoveries, and new explorations, the evolution of one’s personality that accompanies all mentioned above – is an extraordinary startling, fascinating, and reviving activity. It’s an adventure of consciousness where every human being is a discoverer because they discover astonishing perceptions they’ve had no idea about. It’s deepening and broadening the human psyche beyond all limits. It’s new opportunities and new vast horizons in psychic (and physical?) Homo sapiens evolution.

>> 9 <<

9 – a) Everything I’ve described above is an initial, basic stage of human’s conscious evolution.

9 – b) It’s necessary to be aware of the fact that you’re not a very highly-developed personality at the moment :), so it’s reasonable to apply perseverance and determination sometimes while practicing my techniques despite temporal regressions, throwbacks, mistakes, dead ends, and other complicated or destructive states.

9 – c) The intensity of experiencing the state of energy, saturation/fascination of life (i.e., “basalt” state) is the main criterion for the success of your life activity.

9 – d) I cannot even describe here the stages of evolution of the human psyche that arise as a result of following my ideas and practices because you will not even be able to understand the meaning of the terms I use, since they are introduced by me and describe states and phenomena that you have never experienced in your life. I can explain and teach it, but there are no students – not those who deceive (themselves and others) in hundreds of ways, only pretending to do my practices, but those who really, actually begin to do it and undergo the corresponding stages of psychic evolution. Therefore, I will move on alone, and of course, I will hope that maybe at least after hundreds of years, humanity will reach the point at which people who will be able to adopt my methods will appear (if, of course, these methods will not disappear into oblivion in the dust of centuries).

9-e) I am convinced that even the most serious illnesses can be managed or cured by my practice of personal evolution, as, in my opinion, there is an extraordinary immunity strengthening during the application of this practice. This hypothesis of mine does not have any scientific confirmation at the moment, though – no people are willing to invest in such research.